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Jeff love you December 16, 2019
You wew such a great dad even though i did not know you that wee but i wish you never died on me i will see you again in heaven.
ta niece Désiréz ah cest incroyable mais vrai June 25, 2014
mon tonton coutcher
on a ete elogne de loin mais on restait en coeur
la vie est cruelle de nous laisser dans ce chagrin 
repose en paix et sache moi en tant que ta niece, je penserais tjrs a toi car tu me manqueras
avec ta mort, bcp de gens recevront un message de ta part et reflechiront
que Dieu taccueille dans son royaume et touvre ces portes
salut au paradis le grand pere eloundou godfroy, la grand mere assomo ,; blaise, tantine catherine,: tantine josephine, nyetenga;tonton owona;mma nguenyegue; ma grande soeur poumpoum; et tous ceux que jai pas citer les noms
reposez tous en paix
jai les larmes aux yeux
Aurevoir mon tonton coutecher
que ton ame repose en paix
ta niece Desiree 
Poupon (Solange) Au revoir Coutecher! June 24, 2014
Gone too soon, far too young to leave your children, family and friends. Your passing is something we cannot believe yet. It is something that we are still wrestling with. So much still to do. So much untapped potential! The sky was the limit and we prayed and hoped you can get as close as possible to it. Untimely death, we thought, will never be your portion. Then again, we must not lean in our own understanding but trust our Maker, even in such a sad situation. We must look at the situation through the perspective of God's character and not through the tragedy or through our conficting emotions. We must keep in mind that Jesus did say to us that: " I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die (John 11: 25-26). As you believed in Him, let the good Lord hence wash your filthy garments, remove your iniquity, cloth you with rich robes, and open the door of His kingdom to you, just as He did for Joshua (Zechariah 3:1-4).

May you rest in peace Coutecher and say hello to the ones who went before you!

Dead is not the end
Dead can never be the end.
Dead is the road.
Life is the traveler
The Soul is the Guide.

As we ready to say goodbye to Coutecher
And tears run down our faces,
Let us keep our eyes on Jesus
And the goodness of His grace.
We may have lost the one we love
And it causes pain,
But if we were in Heaven now
God is calling Coutecher by name.
He says, He is glad to see him -
That's been a long, long time
Then He wraps His hands around him
And tells him all is fine.
God shows him all His mansions
with the rollins hills and plains
And reminds him up in heaven,
He won't suffer any pain.
So as we mourn in silence, tears, etc.
Let us bow our heads in prayer,
Praising God for all His blessings
And thanking Him for being there.
In God's time we will go to heaven
And see, talk, and laugh with Coutecher again!
In Him, amen!
Rien ne s'accomplit dans ce monde-ci sans la volonté du Seigneur. Si tu es parti à ce moment lui seul sait pourquoi. C'est peut-être un message, une interpellation à nous adressée, nous qui sommes restés. Tu es unique et irremplaçable dans nos coeurs. Nous étions peut-être éloignés dans la chair mais jamais je n'ai cessé de penser à toi. Repose dans la paix du Seigneur, je te porte à jamais dans mes prières tant que je serai de ce monde, Amen.
Jackson Gouno Incroyable June 21, 2014
I tought it was a mistake when I heard the new. Its been a long time since I last saw you, the next time we meet will be up there. May you rest in peace my friend! You will be dearly missed.
Joseph Mbu What a shock!!! June 18, 2014
It is with a deeply heavy heart that I wish you farewell, Manda. You had been a very dear brother while I knew you but you just disappeared from sight until I found this message on the internet.
Wherever you are, let the Lord Almight give you solace in his kigdom until we meet again.
Joseph Mbu
CPDM USA President 
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